Saturday, February 21, 2015

48 Signature Dimsum

Sunday dimsum has always been my favorite. A moment to spend with the family, time to catch up with all the gossips, and sharing what's-on-life-lately. My uncle and grand dad always pick their favorite dimsum place. And usually they did not try with something new, they did stick to the tradition.

Lately some dimsum place has been popping out everywhere, and I decided to give it a try. Sacrificing my usual favorite dimsum place, and hoping that this one could give me a satisfaction.

48 Dimsum at Pantai Indah Kapuk has its own corner. Located across the PIK market, this Chinese restaurant is quite spacious with strong Chinese ambiance around. Such a promising atmosphere to have Chines meal.

Pao with sweet salted egg filling. (25,8k)
Well, this one was everyone's favorite. Better have a really good one to serve this one because so many comparison out there. Theirs was surprisingly good. The size might be too small, and the bun was a little too thick compared with the filling. But the filling was good.

Steamed siewmay (28,8)
I found their siewmay was a bit' 'crunchy'. Tastewise, this one was quite good, but was not a perfect one. I had one better that this. But the fried chilly helped a lot!

Lomaikai with chicken (25,8)
Sticky glutinous rice with salted egg and chicken. Taste quite good, generous filling, but the size might be too small. (again!)

Fried shrimp wonton with mayonnaise (28k)
Crunchy and quite good. Nothing special on this one, though.

Overall the taste was quite good, but still could not beat my favorite dimsum in town. IMHO the size of everything was too small compared to the price. The service was way too slow (only 4 tables were seated), which was quite a turn off. 

48 Signature Dimsum
Ruko Gold Coast
Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
b 28-29
021 2942 9292

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