Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Itadakimasu Pantai indah kapuk

Been a while since I have my last post, and this time I'm gonna write about this cutie pie in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. This one, itadakimasu, is not located in the usual food area, they are like a hidden gem in Elang Laut PIK instead. Reaching the restaurant might quite confusing to those who are not familiar to this area, but you can reach it via Kapuk through JORR highway.

This cute starving panda! These 5 starving panda has been invasing my instagram feed these past few days, but looking it at my table did not bore me at all. The presentation was really cute, with generous curry and cuts of carrot accompanying those pandas. The curry was quite runny, I preferred to have a thicker one. The panda rice was too sticky for me, gave me quite a full sensation after having 1 panda.

The cheesy baked unagi was quite good. Unagi was fine, but the mayonnaise was top overwhelming, dominating the baked rice much. The guilt after having those mayonnaise was kinda dominating too!  Lol

Having this gyutandon, which was quite a hit jn jakarta lately. Theirs was just fine, seasoning was enough. The gyu tan was quite generous as well. They have 3 levels of spiciness of it, anyway!

Overall this place really an instagram-worthy one. Price was quite affordable but it was not their food thats gonna keep me coming.

Ruko elang laut blok D no 57
Jl pantai indah selatan, PIK

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