Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crematology Puri Indah - Penny Royal Coffee PIK

Coffee shop is really one comfort corner you can rely on while you're looking for spaces for doing your work, or just doodling around. Unfortunately these kind of spaces mostly existed in South and Central part of Jakarta. The crazy traffics on weekdays and crowded places on weekend really hold me up to go to those comfy corner. But worry no more, because I've got 2 new buddies for coffee!


Yes, it is that well-known coffee shop in Senopati area! Yeay to me because they have their second branch in PX Pavillon West Jakarta. Much more convenient location for me!

No much difference with their older sibling in Senopati, the dim light was kind of dominating this one. The place was spacious, you can reach it via the front side of PX Pavillon,while their back door was still on progress. It was really comfortable with good ambiance inside. Sofas, wooden chair, pillows and blanket were there. Such my kind of comfortable zone!

Anyway they're having buy 1 get 1 promo for coffee based beverage!
I paired caramel latte and coffee latte with banana bread. All of them was good. The banana bread was kinda hard at the end of the pieces, maybe because of the cold temperature of the store.


This one is one new addition to Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Some of outlets in PIK offered some variation of coffee, but I think this one is the first decent one that exist. Located behind Tekko/Lekko, this one really is a hidden gem. The place itself is not spacious, with 5 tables inside. One of them is set with comfy corner of sofa and piles of magazine.

Tried their flat white, cappucino, and chocolate apple cake. Their coffee had its acidity which was quite dominating. On the other hand, the cake tasted good, but the consistency was quite mushy. They do have banana bread (my all time favorite bread) but unfortunately I was too full to have that.

Anyway, travelling to these places is not problem anymore! Agya, one of the latest car from Toyota really makes it convenient. in much better way! While its size that really fit with the craziness of Jakarta's traffic, the fuel-saving side of this car really help much. Here's a lovely side of Agya!

PX Pavillon, Ground Floor
Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat

Penny Royal Coffee
Ruko Cordoba F29
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
Mon to Sat 8AM to 5PM

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