Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tsurukamedou Ramen

Gonna be another post of Ramen, hope you are not tired of it! :D
Well this one is not a new one, but I'd like to write this since I've never had one before. Tsurukamedou surely had won some people's heart so I am excited to try this one!

Their ramen came in 2 choice of noodle. The straight one and the curly one. The straight one had better consistency which was quite chewy yet the curly one did remind me of ordinary Asian noodle. Soup was thick and tasty, tasted very rich. The perfectly-half boiled egg was seductively greeting. The seaweed made it to the presentation. But the main spotlight, the pork, was so good. Tender-loving one!

A beautiful mess we had: yaki soba, tonkotsu ramen, and chasiu don.
Their chasiu don was the one that won my heart. Warm rice topped with pieces of chasiu with their secret sauce, which tasted real good!

Yaki soba, which was the fried reminded me of my favorite chinese fried noodle. Generous portion with veggies and pork in it, it would be much better if they were making it less oily. 
They also had their experiment by having a tonkotsu ramen served with the salted veggies on the top of the ramen, they suggested to mix it to the broth. I would not mind having this, but the original tonkotsu soup was still my favorite!
And if you catch those 3 sinful cuts of pork bellies on the corner of the photo, their pork belly was sinfully tasty! (well, my friend did really enjoy it!)

And any ramen house won't be complete without gyoza, right?
Their gyoza was consisted of pork, which tasted alright. But it would be better too to make it less oily! (health awareness-alert!)

Jl. Ratu Kemuning Raya no 8a 
Grenville Jakarta Barat
021 56940712

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