Saturday, July 25, 2015

Olivier Jakarta

Pretty place with luxurious ambiance is something familiar related with fancy festaurants these days. The food can be kind of overpriced somehow, but some of them are worth it. Olivier, for me, is one of them. Located in the heart of Jakarta, west mal of Grand Indonesia, this newbie is a serious rival for those who had played well in Jakarta culinary scene.
Ambiance is nice, decorated with elegantly pretty. I could imagine myself having a pretty brunch with my girls, or a tea party with non stop gossip. The sun is playing its shadow through the glass window, giving it a natural light of the restaurant. I love everything inside, so pretty I just can not describe it that well.
Opened with Tasty complimentary bread with delicious butter. I cant help myself to have more than one!

I asked them for recommendation, and they suggested steak. I was not really a steak person, so I asked for second opinion and they suggested spagheti with sambal balacan, chicken hainan risotto. I added a touch of green by having caesar salad with pork as well.

My caesar salad (85k) was good. The dressing was not heavy, in quantity. A great balance to have greens without having any guilt from the dressing. Well, those cuts of tasty pork was surely not that healthy, but who can't resist those heavenly bellies? I love my salad and kinda wishing the portion was bigger!

Jumped into the main course, the spagheti with prawn, tomato sauce, and sambal balacan (95k) was satisfying as well. The pasta was cooked perfectly, with generous tasty sauce with a hint of sambal balacan. I was not a fan of tomato sauce, but I did not mind to have a plate of this one. It was not overwhelmed the meal, but served in well-balanced way. Not to mention the tasty fresh prawn on top! 

Hainan-style risotto served with asparagus and ginger chili sauce (125k) , which was something new for me, unexpectedly tasted good! The fragrant was greeting my taste buds warmly. Yummy indeed. The grilled chicken was generous, too! They came in 2 big pieces, well seasoned, and pleasing. Such a enjoyable one.

They set quite high for the price, but I really loved everything on my table and did not regret every single bite!
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Upper Ground floor, west mal (next to Mad for Garlic)

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