Friday, July 17, 2015

Letter from Bandung

Hello from Bandung!
As you could see from my Instagram and path, I am currently in Bandung, surviving my surgery department at Santo Yusup hospital, a little hospital in suburban area, East Bandung. Everything is nice, the weather, the people, not to mention the food. So I am recapitulating my first 2 weeks in Bandung to help you guys to decide what to eat in Bandung! I know this one is far from enough, so that your recommendation is much needed. :)

Saka Bistro Bar
It was one fine day, with sunshine hugs Bandung tightly, like a possesive one. Finding this one was not hard, because you could see the building was quite dominating. Step inside, the high ceiling welcomed you, with warmth, as they did not use any air conditioner. Every corner was pretty and comfortable. I was not into food, as I just had my lunch. So I opted for a latte art. I have to say I am really impressed with their ability to make it. I made mine with my face (sorry for the narcism) and really satisfied with the latte art! And they only charged 10k for this latte art! Gonna come back to try their menu. 

Jl. Karangsari, Sukajadi, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40161
(022) 61707340
Blue Doors
This tiny gem was kinda hard to find. Located in gandapura street, I had to drive slowly to look for the sign, and turned out they did not have one. Just took a look for a blue door and you are on a right place. They do have 2 spaces, indoor (which was quite noisy with chatter) and outdoor. I found it was kinda soothing, spending my afternoon in the open air. I liked their wooden table, featuring the sunlight, it was perfect. The weather was nice tho. And the best part: I love their banana bread, moist with a hint of caramel. I am a big fan of banana and bread. Finding these combination in almost every cafe these days pleased me much. I already had my coffee that morning so I opted for white tea and green tea latte. Their green tea latte was quite strong, in a good way. They also had these selections of all day breakfast, which I am planning to have, someday. 

Blue Doors 
Jalan Gandapura No. 61, Bandung

Two hands full
No doubt, this one needs no introduction. Famous of them heart-warming breakfast and generous portion with great coffee, Two Hands Full has its own loyal fans. I maybe am one of it too! My favorite would be the big breakfast, eggs in hell, and croque madam. They are serving in (very) generous portion, too!
Jalan Sukajadi, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40162
Two cents coffee
This one is not a newbie. I've been here several times and keep coming back. I had my latte, and churros to keep me company. Latte was good, I am fine with it as long as it did not have strong acidity. Churros with caramel sauce was not bad too. Their corner was packed with people, every time I stepped inside. I guess the good coffee keep them to come back!
Jalan Cimanuk No. 2, Bandung,
(022) 4261336
Cups coffee
This cute little corner pleased me much. Unfortunately it was kinda dark when I got there. Pretty ceilling with wide spaces gave a warm welcome, offered a home sweet home ambiance. I opted for cappucino, which was not bad and an appetizer sampler. Everything was palatable. I was quite annoyed with the humidity because they did not have any air conditioner. But the pretty walls made me more than delightful. 
Jalan Trunojoyo No.25, Bandung Wetan, Bandung
(022) 4265092
Three bears cafe
This tiny cafe surprised me a lot. This one may be small, stepped inside and you won't stand the cuteness! They have bright sunlight, comfy sofa, pretty walls, simple things that remind me of being home. So comfortable! I treated myself with tofu salad, which was surprisingly good and tasty. The juice (mine was pinneaple and veggies), with cute packaging, was also fresh and pleasing me as well. Their milky shot was lovely in the eye, tasted just fine though. Their latte, sad to say, was too watery, such a major throwback to fail in latte. But the cuteness was pleasing me much!
Paskal Hypersquare A.28
Phone 022-86060611
These things pretty much sums up my cafe hopping activity in Bandung. Gonna write about the food, real soon!

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