Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chubby Bunny Bandung

Drove through the busy street of Trunojoyo Bandung, my eyes caught something new. It's not mean I am so familiar with this city, but the glass building really caught the eye. Next to Tribeca wax and salon Bandung, sit prettily the Chubby Bunny.

It is not a spacious one, but the clean ambiance from this white corner somehow remind me of home. Effortlessly comfortable. Chubby bunny is divided into 2 area, the indoor and outdoor one. 

Loving the hanging menu!

I did not do the take away, but I could not help to ask for this cute paper cup with white fat bunny on it. The latte (22k) was kinda watery, quite a turn of for a cup of latte. I also had caramel flavored coffee latte (28k) , and I believe it was not their best shot.

I had this blissful afternoon accompanied by their cinnamon roll (12k) and chocolate chip chewy cookie (10k). Their cinnamon roll was not bad at all, with icing of sugar on the top of it. Kinda comforting. They did suggest for this chewy cookie, which was not a big thing for me, but still an enjoyable one.

They might be new, but some improvement here and there could fix it.
Chubby Bunny can be your choice to have a cozy corner in Bandung city!

Chubby Bunny
Jl. Trunojoyo no 44

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