Monday, November 9, 2015

PHD: cheese burger pizza!

Calling all pizza lover! This post will surely indulge your appetite! 

This one is dedicated for you: sucker for pizza and burger. Because from now on you just don't have to confuse between those tasty things you love, you're just gonna get it all, from Pizza Hut Delivery! PHD really do understand us that much, don't they? ;)

Let's make this post quick, and jump right to the food! 

Let's start with something small. But no worry, because this small bites really is a pleasing one! 4 pieces of Meat Puff (30k) is an enjoyable one to share with your friends. Made of tender beef and tasty puff of theirs, I just can not stop munching this one! And they tasted best when it's hot! 

Let's dig in to the highlight of the day: The real #CheeseburgerPizza! Tasty pan is on the making!

Made of real meat and tasty cheese, this one can be the saviour of your hunger. Thick real meat with generous cheedar cheese on thr top of it, everything really worth the calories! Not to mention the tasty dough of their pizza which really complement every bite of it. Every slice really delivers the goodness of every single topping on it. You can have this cheese burger pizza in reguler (84k) and jumbo (126k)! #DuoMantap

For those who don't want to share this goodness, PHD do understand! This #MantapPersonal package will be exclusively made for you. Consisted of 4 slices of small cheeseburger pizza and 2 meat puffs. The size may be small, but the taste is surely satisfying! (Yeaa, the meat is thick and the cheese is also generous!)

Some people just love to share, don't they? Have a togetherness with some of your friends and don't forget to have this #MantapSpecialReguler (114k) and #MantapSpecialJumbo (142k)! Everything is more than enough for the crowd!

Overall everything is good, pleasant taste, with good quality of ingredients. And the thing is, you can have all of this goodness in 30 minutes! (You can have a free voucher if they do not reach your doorstep in 30 mins). A real saviour for your hungry tummy. Call 1500600, PHD is in few clicks away!

Pizza Hut Delivery

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