Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sinsa Ramyun

Hello! Long time no see, peeps!
As you know that I've been struggling a lot through my pediatric cycle in these last 2 months. Thanks to God it's over and surprisingly it was one of my favorite department so far! Well enough with my medical life and straight to the food blogging thingy!

I have to catch up with many new restaurants lately, and let's start with something simple yet tasty: Korean ramyun! Located in Taman kemang, this edgy corner is ready to serve you, accompanied by live music during the night. 

Yellow and black are dominating. I should say I am quite surprised to see the comfort they're having. I can imagine having a casual night talk with a bunch of friends. 

They're serving soup and dry ramen, several appetizers, and Korean dessert. I had myself honey chicken wing and ramen fries. All of them were flavorful and satisfying enough to accompany the feast. 

They do have selection in dry and soup ramen, in regular and large size.  My kimchi ramyun sauce with beef sausage came in a really appetizing one. Perfectly cooked half boiled egg, cuts of sausage, and tasty thick ramen soup. This one could be a bit spicy for some people. This bowl could be your perfect companion through this cold season. Such a satisfying bowl indeed!

I also tried their galby ramyun dry with beef ribs, which is actually my favorite! Tasty noodle with flavorful seasoning, another good half boiled egg, mot to mention the tender beef ribs. Portion wise was quite generous, even in the regular one. 

I had good appetizer, great main course, should be ended with sweet dessert! Here they have hotteok, which is actually Korean pancake filled with brown sugar and red bean. I am a big fan of hotteok, and I could say this one was quite good. Don't forget to dip in the ice cream!

Overall I had a good time here. Good food, nice ambiance. Good luck for the business!

Sinsa Ramyun
Taman Kemang 1 no. 6
Jakarta Selatan

Muara Karang blok D7 Barat mo 69
Jakarta Utara

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