Friday, June 3, 2016


As you know coffee shops in Jakarta are popping here and there. One of the new coffee shops is Fillmore Coffee, Kuningan area. 

Finding Fillmore is not top hard, simply easily tracked in Google Map/ Waze, although they are not located in the main street. This hidden gem resides in Suites at Seven, a building that actually is residents for expats. 

They are offer homey ambiance that I loved, a lot. One of my favorite corner was their signage of 'I am home', which really described this pretty place. They are dominated with rustic wooden decoration, giving a luxurious yet elegant atmosphere at the same time. The place was quite small though, only consisted of  17ish capacity of people. 

Iced honey latte-43k
One of their favorites was honey latte, which was basically latte with honey instead of sugar. I personally loved it! It delivered the natural sweet taste without being too overwhelming. Latte was fine, a bit watery, but the barista was too kind to give me another one, which was better and creamier. 

They also had several smoothies bowls, and I had Fillmore-58k, consisted of chocolate, banana, peanut butter,  and granola. I chose this one because I am a sucker for banana and peanut butter and enjoyed it a lot. The consistency was quite thick and fulfilling, but in a good way. 

Galette de Rois - 25k
This one was their recommendation, which was actually a almond pastry. It was quite hard to eat this because it was messy when you cut it, but it was surely an enjoyable bite. Sweet and light, good companion for your coffee.

Fillmore and Kodaline, a perfect match ❤️

Overall Fillmore was pretty, homey, and enjoyable. Coffee was fine and food was nice. Make sure to drop by when you are in Kuningan area. 

Fillmore Coffee
Suites at Seven
Jl. Karet pendurenan Gg H. Sidik no 7
South Jakarta

Weekdays: 7am-8pm
Weekend: 9am-9pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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