Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When you think God is saying NO

Back in 2008, I remember things when in high school, most of my friends had this extraordinary summer holiday. Europe, America, Australia, you name it. I heard their exciting stories and was dreaming of going there. I was not jealous of them, I just wanted to share stories too. I keep asking to God, but at that time I felt that He was saying no. 
Years go by, and surely visiting Europe is one of my buried dreams. Turned out it was not a No. 
I finished my medical degree, a doctor, in 2016. After years of studying, I feel proud and a little bit exhausted. I was trying to plan a holiday because I thought I deserve one. Nope, nothing was coming right. Things got miserable. My friends left me into another trip. I got pissed, but still, I left it to God.
"If You think I do not deserve a holiday, it's okay. I'll leave it to You, just stay with me through thick and thin."

And things got changed. I got a phone call saying that my family had prepared a trip for me to Europe. Yes to Europe! I got speechless and could not stop saying gratitude. Things I learned: it's always perfect at His own time, at His plan. He cancelles all my Singapore, Korea, and Hongkong trip just to give me this big one. He saved this gift after all this time because I am now enjoying things differently. I am more mature than past-me, the one who asked for it back then. I am loving photography right now, and I think Europe is such a perfect place to capture. After years of studing at hospital? Yes, Europe is such a perfect gift. 
Turned out it was not a no. It was a "I have something better for you."

So whatever your struggle right now, just keep praying. It may be a yes, a no, or just like mine, it took years to show me that He's having something MUCH BETTER. I have my own struggle too right now. I've seen miracles in my life because of what He did, and I just can't wait to see another one. So I'll leave it to You, Dad! ❤️

Coming soon on the blog: MY EUROPE TRIP!

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