Monday, July 4, 2016


Another addition to Japanese food at Pantai Indah Kapuk: Sushi Hiro! I heard some reviews about it and they said it was good, similar to Sushi Sen in the same neighborhood. 

Located in the same cluster with Abura Soba and Cake a Boo, this one was easy to find. Place was not so spacious, suitable for 20 people I think. They are dominated with wooden things delivering the Japanese atmosphere. 

The open kitchen where the chef set the sushi stairs. 

I did not a fan of beef, but this one was very enjoyable! They did give us the raw beef and served it with the cooking pot so we can grilled it ourselves. They were contained of 4 big slices of tender beef. Sauce was very good, a bit sweet, perfecto!

Gyu don
Another favorite of the night! Meat was so tender, sauce was tasty, although I though the sauce was a little too much it was flooding the rice. Onsen egg was perfectly cooked just the way I liked it. Fried garlic on top made it even better. I could have one for myself!

The unique thing was, they came in stairs. You could mixed any sushi (except sushi roll) and they servered it that way. This one was their favorite menu, and I loving it! Grilled mayonnaise on the top of salmon? Who would complain?

Aburi roll
The kind of my comfort zone: never I had any bad aburi roll and this one was also good! Generous fillings, tasty mayonnaise, fresh salmon. Love it!

Overall I had good time with my dinner. Gonna come back wherever I crave for good Japanese food!

Sushi Hiro
Ruko Garden House Blok B-18D
Pantai Indah Kapuk

North Jakarta
021 29033461

Opening hours:
11.00 – 14.00
17.30 – 22.00

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