Thursday, December 15, 2016


Yes, you read it right. It's a preview about Halal Guys Indonesia: something big is coming from New York City to Jakarta! ❤️

So today I got a privilege to give a bite to this phenomenal food chain from NYC with some blogger friends. So happy that finally I could find the original brand from overseas. Brief explanation about Halal Guys, they started with something small with foodtruck and turned out become one of the most wanted food in NYC, spreading world wide!

Okay I won't talk much about anything else beside the food. So Halal Guys Indonesia will open its first door sometime around end of January, located in Senayan City Mal, next to Pancious (ex-Killiney). It's gonna be their first store and will expand soon! ( I have some plans to open their next branch, but I'll keep it secret to make you curious!)

Gonna tell you this first: the portion is huge! One serving of rice, gyro, chicken, pita bread, veggy, and fresh tomato with lettuce. They have another kind of serving with fries too! My favorite will be the mixing part: adding the white sauce and mix it with everything on the plate. The secret ingredients is surely gonna be found in their white sauce: tasty and creamy and enhancing everything well. The red sauce turns out to be really really hot! (I'm serious about this, the red sauce is kinda burning my palate!) 
Ps: best to be enjoyed while its hot. Imagine having a mouthful of everything in one bite. Superb!

Rumor said they also have smaller portion for girls. yeay! Because honestly, I find this one way too big!

So basically I am satisfied with what Halal Guys Indonesia has here. I am never had one in NYC so I can't compare. For me, this bowl is so enjoyable and tasty, when the white sauce is surely the winner.

Senayan City Mal - coming soon!

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