Monday, December 19, 2016


Digging deep into Jakarta's food scene, it just never stop. The innovation and creation of something new somehow really awe me, making me curious about the creativity they have. So after scrolling through my social media over and over again, this one little 'creature' drool me much: martabak croissant at Social Affair. Getting excited? Wait until you see the rest of it.

Social Affair, one little humble sister of Cacaote, resides in Pantai Indah Kapuk area, align with Yamatoten Abura Soba, Chir Chir, and Sushi Hiro. Yes. it's another creation from the man behind Cacaote, a pretty well-known dessert cafe in the heart of Senopati. Having Social Affair, much more casual and humble, but still having its charm being a specialty in dessert. Cafe is quite spacious, decorated with the twist of modern cafe and colorful yellow, it deliver quite a pleasant ambiance.

Menu is quite spacious, having dessert, main menu, and brunch selection. At that day I am so into pastries (like I always did, actually lol) so I order some croisants and meat pie instead of their main menu.


Best seller here in Social Affair. Sweet sweet croissant bathed with condensed milk, covered with chocolate, peanut, and cheese on top. The croissant does not have its flaky consistency because of the double-bake cooking technique, but still I love it, a lot. The condensed milk is somehow quite domination, for some people it can be an overwhelming kind of sweetness, but I don't mind having this kind of goodness all by myself! 

My number two favorite of all: cheese croissant. This time, Social Affair ace it by having its flaky croissant with melted cheese filling. Major love for the cheese filling because the flavor is very on point (not to sweet) for my liking. I do recommend to have it reheat before consuming!


Still having its good consistency, both of them are very enjoyable to my palate. Covered in chocolate glaze croissant may be suitable for you who those who's a sucker for sweet tooth while the greentea  filling is more charming with its not to sweet and fragrant green tea filling.

May be sound appetizing, but unfortunately I don't think I can taste the truffle mushroom well. Some of friends tried this before and they loved it. Being unlucky for their lack of consistency, maybe?


Major love for this kind of meat pie. I used to have Australian meat pie for my breakfast every single day while having my 3 weeks holiday in Syndey (yes, almost every single day) and so pleased that Social Affair is being very thoughtful for bringing it here. The meat pie is so fragrant, the meat filling is the bomb, thick and flavorfull pie with tasty flaky skin. Love love!

Craving into savory at the end of those sweetness, bunch of my friends are having this pork belly rice ball and seems like they're enjoying it. The thick and golden colored pork belly is surely drooling, right?


Beautifully presented beef cheek, tender and enjoyable.

So basically I am satisfied with what I've had in Social Affair. Their croissant and pastry selcetions is surely the highlight of my visit, while the rest of it is not bad at all. Best of luck for Social Affair!

Garden House BloK B no17-18A Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Opening Hours: Sun – Thur 07.00 – 22.00/ Fri – Sat 07.00 – 24.00

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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