Sunday, December 25, 2016


In the middle of Jakarta coffee industry, you have to be bold among those popping coffee shops here and there. You have to have things to offer because people in Jakarta have too many offerings yet they can judge it even from the first step, the first sip, and the first bite. You can be a coffee shop that has an awesome cup of coffee, an exquisite food, a friendly barista, a comforting corner, whatever it is, you gotta have something you can highlight about it.

Stepping into Coffee Aya, one newcomer in Jakarta's coffee situation, located in the heart of Muara Karang. Surrounded by those crowds in Muara Karang market, the location quite surprised me by being the only modern spot around. It's like finding one zen in the hectic area. 

The story is, the owner has the good eye to build this pretty zen. Dressed in all white and soft wooden creature, Coffee Aya reminds me of the relaxing Japanese house. It's so quiet and suitable for working, to escape from reality in the heat of Muara Karang. I can imagine myself sitting there, hallucinating about the sound of soothing water fountain around. Tranquilizing atmosphere? Check!

Greeting on the door. Fall in love at my first step.

I have my latte, as usual. My cup of latte is way too hot, kinda surprise me while having my first sip, burning my palate. Not to mention the break latte art on top of it. Their latte is dominated by milk, a lot. The coffee is too light, even for my palate. The owner is very kind to change the first cup, but sorry to say, my second cup is hotter than the first one, with better latte art, but still too watery for me and burnt aftertaste.

Loving the ambiance. Everything is seated on point, very pretty.

Finding these cuties from Cotton and Tartlets with several flavours. IDR 10k each. I find these kind of pastry suit Coffee Aya well. Elegant yet beautiful. They also have cookies from Surely Someday Kitchen (thank you Coffee Aya for the cookies!) Everything is good and enjoyable. 

Overall the soothing ambiance really got me on my first sight. Everything is so pretty in white, modern yet elegant. Too bad I did not have any good impression about the coffee, even they serve it way too hot. Coffee Aya is really suitable for you when you need a refugee from this city, and I know that this hidden zen can make a good improvement. Best of luck!

Ruko Niaga, Jl. Muara Karang Z8 no 19
North Jakarta
Opening hours: 8am-7pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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  1. Thank you for the review and feedback Jessica. We will continue to improve and hope to see you again soon.

    -Coffee AYA