Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Bandung might be my weekend destination for these several months because I only had this one day off during the week and it kinda impossible for me to go home every single week to Jakarta. Fortunately Bandung has it all. Cafes, nice nature view, shops, you name it. One thing to love Bandung is their pretty cafes. Bandung is blessed with quite a windy weather (well, it's kinda hot lately) so open architecture is one plus point for their cafe.

Meet Sydwic, a comfy coffee shop in Bandung. Sydwic is one pretty coffee shop dominated in white. Being minimalist, they have this good vibe I just could not explain, it might be the pretty terrarium all over the place, it might be the calming decorating plants. Long story short, the place was pretty.

I had coffee latte (IDR  24k) and found that their latte was too milky. The caffeine just did not hit the wake up call on my brain. It did not bring the joy I used to have with my coffee. Enough said, I did not recommend this.

Mushroom Melt (IDR 25k) was one of their choice for breakfast. They came in with quite good presentation and tempting melted cheese on top. The flavor of mushroom and cheese worked really well, danced beautifully in my palate, beyond my expectation. Minor flaw I found here was their bread. I found it was not a matchy match for the mushroom and cheese, way to sour. I thought white bread would bring the best taste for this!

They had this small bites called Mozzarella Stick (IDR 25k) and turned out it was just okay. The mozzarella was kinda dry and the way they paired it with tomato sauce just did not work. I wished for one ooey gooey mozzarella and it was below my expectation. 

Pretty table at Sydwic.

Overall I have to say Sydwic is one pretty place to hang out. The white ambiance the natural light, the cozy atmosphere could really be the main attraction here. When it comes to coffee and food, I did not say much because I did not have a best experience for my palate.

Jl. Cilaki no 63, Bandung
West Java
(022) 7273656

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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