Monday, February 20, 2017


Brunch is totally my thing. Sunday and brunch is such a perfect partner to have my weekend right. Sipping good coffee, enjoying my french toast or pancake or waffles, I can really have that on my kind of Sunday everyday.

So I heard that this new cafe, called Port Five Six, located in Serpong area, offered good quality of brunch. Heading to Gading Serpong area has been a weekend ritual with my brother, so I don't really mind to drive those miles to try something new here.

Port Five Six is pretty. I can say that since my first step here. I really like the ambiance accompanied with their dim light and natural sunlight from the window. They also have this comfort corner where you can spend hours in their lazy pillow. Everything is so instagenic!

This coffee shop corner honestly reminded me of one comfy cafe in West Jakarta area.


One cup of cappuccino to start my brunch. It was not strong like the way I liked and the texture was kinda watery. It was not my best cup for sure. The price was kinda surprised me, with 29k, I guess they are not meant to be specialized in coffee.


I could say I fell in love with the presentation. Waffle was looking good, not to mention the appetizing egg and chicken. The waffle was fluffy kinda waffle, and I did not mind to have that, since some people prefer to have it crispy. Egg was yummy and beautifully cooked. I really loved the sweet aftertaste they have in the seasoning. I guessed it was the hoisin sauce that made it good! I wished they give it more generously to make it more flavorful!

At first I did order egg shinjuku which contained salmon on it. Too bad they ran out of it and they offered me to have egg benedict instead. Coming in such a good presentation, I did have high hope on this one. The bread was good, egg was cooked perfectly,but I thought the flavor was kinda under seasoned. The flavor was slightly bland for me, made me tempt to add a pinch of salt and pepper on it.

I was temped to order another waffle, which had Peanut Butter and Jelly on it (major sucker for PB and J). Too bad I was too full!

Good lighting made one happy blogger.

Overall I had one quite satisfying brunch here. Place was pretty and effortless to take any pictures while all the food came in such a good presentation. The food was alright, but I did not think it will make me back for more. Price was kinda high for Serpong neighborhood, I spent around IDR 250k for all the food and coffee. But still, Port Five Six is a good place to chill!

Ruko 1B, Blok BH10 No. 5 - 6
Jl. Kelapa Gading Selatan, Gading Serpong,Tangerang
021 54200918
Best regards,Jessica Christy Limanjaya@jechristy

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