Thursday, March 2, 2017


Bed and breakfast in Bandung is honestly something new for me. My family consisted of 7 people  (it's a big one, I know!) and we did opt for service apartment which had several big rooms while we were on Bandung for weekend. Bandung is one of our destination for weekend getaway because I feel like I can get everything in Bandung. They have cafes, nice coffee shops, night market, and nature beauty in one spot. But sometimes travelling with some friends does not need something big and fancy. Something homey, pretty, and instagrammable is all we need when you're travelling with your lovely mates.

Finding Oliver Hostelry was not hard, although if you reached at night, it might confuse you a bit because they were not on the main street and it was kinda  dark. But after saw the sign of Oliver's, I found the zen in this place. Oliver was not big, but it was pleasing. The staff was really friendly to welcome us in our messy and tired faces.  It was 11 pm and we did have a long trip indeed.

We had a room in second floor and they did have staircases only to reach the second floor. I love the setting of this tiny lobby/cafe they had. Proofing that you don't have to have big spaces to make it enjoyable. The room doors have quotes on it. Ours was something about dreams, and our room theme was about chasing dreams and musical. We had king size bed and honestly it was fitted to 3 people. The room was nice, one step inside and my exhaustion melted away. (Too bad I did not have any photos of it)

The next morning I went around the hotel and found some people did have breakfast outside the cafe. It was a very relaxing morning with nice weather. Such a perfect way to start my Sunday. Turned out the cafe outside the hotel was opened already and it was a nice place with quite wide selections of breakfast.

Best thing we had at Oliver Hostelry was this: breakfast service, right into our room! So they asked us to choose the breakfast set  and we opted for pancakes and egg salad. I did not expect my breakfast would be this pretty. I loved everything on it. The tray, the cutlery, the food, it was a very pleasing treat to start my morning. They also gave milk, tea, and coffee for the beverages. How thoughtful!

Oliver was pretty, especially in the morning while the sunlight was passing through the window and gave this kind of silhouette to accompany your pretty breakfast. Major love! 

To be concluded, I enjoyed my stay at Oliver's Hostelry. It was enjoyable, calming, and they had friendly service as well. I was not a luxurious night we had with great selection of facilities like we had in hotel, but it was one new experience to spend the night in bed and breakfast like Oliver's. I spent around IDR 550k for one night and felt it was affordable enough with everything we got here. I do recommend you to give it a try!

Jl. Panumbang Jaya no 5
Bandung, West Java

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjay

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