Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mika Japanese Bistro : a vintage Japanese

Japanese restaurant has its own appealing thing.
So when I spotted this Japanaese restaurant in the busy Kota Kasablanka, I could have myself more excited to give it a try. It was not Sushi they are offering, but a modern fusion Japanese kind of food.

Stepped inside and got myself awed with the pretty interior. Not just the usual Japanese restaurant. The vintage ambiance was dominating much, beautified by those pile of books, old recorder, and huge clock. The fireplace was such a bliss, too!

Strawberry squash. (30k)
The presentation was pretty. It was the one you surely wanna grab on your hot sunny days. Lime soda and a pinch of sweet and sour from the strawberry was such a refreshment.

Salmon tartar (36k)
A block of stick rice with chopped of fresh salmon on top.
The food was pretty. But too bad it did tasted bland. I asked the waiter if I could have any sauce to eat it with, but they said the food was not supposed to be eaten with any other sauce. The salmon itself was quite good. But the combination of the sticky rice and the topping was not a click.

Teriyaki chicken salad. (33k)
My favorite salad list added its line. This bowl was surely offering the goodness in healthy food. The vegetables was fresh, the teriyaki chicken was really good, and the peanut sauce was really a match.

Demiglace omurice. (65k)
Claimed to be a specialist in omuice, I did have myself order their best seller on the restaurant. Their omurice was tomato based, so the rice was a bit reddish on color. The tomato flavor was dominating. The scrambled egg was silky but a bit bland, neutralized by the sweetness of the sauce on the side. A spoonful was supposed to have all the components inside. 

Too bad I found my most favorite food was just the salad in this Japanese restaurant. Maybe I did not order it right. Their dessert selection was interesting, though. Next time, maybe?

Mika Japanese Bistro
Kota Kasablanka FSG11
Jl. Kasablanka Raya kav 88m
(021) 29464975

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