Friday, November 1, 2013

Ron's Laboratory : ice cream in the Lab!

I am a busy bee.
My thesis due date is approaching. I am going to enter the next phase of my medical school stuff. Big exams are on my schedules. Textbooks to be read.
What to do during this hard time? Dessert it is!

Introducing Ron's Laboratory. It's not an ordinary ice cream, it's made of liquid nitrogen. Some kind of molecular gastronomy, where the technology meets the food industry. I've seen some of them in Australia and USA, and now they are invading Jakarta.
Some cozy corners, colorful chalks on board. Ron's Lab is surely trying to offer the fun in the lab!

The making of my ice cream. Added some few things, cloud of smoke, and here come my ice cream! Felt like a magic, huh?

Red velvet ice cream. (60k)
Not a cup of usual red velvet, a gelato! Look at the syringe of cream for the topping! Such a cutie for the eye. Sweet and soft. Creamy as well. One scoop, and the feeling was overwhelming. 

Lemongrass sorbet (45k)
The surprising sensation on top, freshness of the sorbet, the sweet and sour of the ice cream. I love every spoonful of it. The taste was just right. This cup was such a bliss. A kind of dessert you wouldn't wanna miss in those hot sunny days.

However, it was quite an expensive cup. Could it be the next 'it' thing?

Ron's Laboratory
Grand Indonesia West Mall
5th fl. ED2-12B