Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yo! Panino : Play with Fun

I am not into fast food.
I would rather to wait for a plate of beautifully cooked dishes than having this kind of food.
That day was different,though.
This one caught my eye, stimulated my appetite.
Tried this one won't kill, right?

Yo! Panino
The name was kinda catchy. The corner was playful. Everything seemed promising.
It was clear that they tried to offer something new in the city. 
They had wide selections of sandwich to offer, and it could be quite confusing, but fortunately the service was good enough to patiently explaining everything I asked about

Firstly, pick your choice of sandwich. From Indonesian taste like rendang and tempe, to classic philly sandwich, and Japanese katsu. They had it all.
Secondly, the bread, there were multi grain, brioche, white, and turkish pride. Each of them was different, offering their own uniqueness. 
After that, those choice of topping were all yours (yap, it's for free!). Fried wonton, garlic chips, lettuce, sweet corn, and many more. Asked for their recommendation to match the topping with your choice of sandwich.
Last but not least, the awesome saucesomes. Traditional Yo Java, Sesame, Wasabi. Play with your creativity and started to get messy!

Rise and Shine.
Everything was great. The fried egg, bacon, and hash brown blended perfectly. I had lettuce, sweet corn, cucumber, garlic chips for the topping and the mixture of the flavor was good! I forgot about the sauce but I had their recommendation to match with Rise and Shine. And the portion was really big, such a fulfilled one indeed.

Up the tempe.
A traditional dish met the modern sandwich. Chose the brioche bread which is soft and sweet. I had sweet corn, lettuce, fried wonton for the toppings and Yo! Java for the sauce. Basically the sauce tasted like traditional Javanese peanut sauce. Turned out it was just okay, I need something more, something that could make me asked for more about this idea of sandwich.

I spent 90k for both of them. Quite affordable, compared with the big portion. Some said they're gonna open the 2nd branch in Kota Kasablanka. Could it be another big thing in Jakarta?

Yo! Panino
Plaza Indonesia 4th floor
(across Playground)
(021) 29024020


  1. Saw this place yesterday, mirip Subway gt ya konsepnya?

    1. iya mirip, tapi lebih enak subway hehe. yang ini lebih banyak pilihan aja. sama topping nya banyak! ;)