Friday, September 27, 2013

Brunch and cup of coffee

Let's play a guessing game about the latest addition on my favorite list.
The scent of coffee, comfortable corner, and pretty pastries.
Those things are a perfect definition for the place.
And here's another hint, they are serving an all-day-brunch!
(guess it before you reach the last paragraph! ;)

Selections of the tempting pastry. The cream cheese and peach danish are very beautiful, aren't they? The cinnamon roll and their glazed donut are simply tempting as well!

Cappuccino (27k)
A cup of perfect companion on the house. The coffee scented was really fragrant and the flavor was just right. My cappuccino was such an ease!

They had those selections of coffee. And really proud of their great quality of coffee. Located on the busy part of Plaza Senayan, their coffee is a perfect companion on the rush hour.

Sea bass provencal (83k)
A plate of generous chunk of sea bass, served with greens. The texture was nice, but the seasoning was a bit light. A pinch of salt and pepper was really helpful. The oily yellow sauce on the bottom on the plate was nice, gave a bold taste to the fish.

French toast with fruits and maple syrup (43k)
My favorite kind of brunch and I am still looking for the best french toast in town. I found their french toast was really fluffy, and surprisingly they did use baguette instead of ordinary bread. The consistency was kinda eggy-y inside, I guess it was because they did not fry the bread, they baked it. Their french toast did not have the crunchy part, but theirs was quite a pleasant one!

Monolog Coffee was such a delight for me. The ambiance was great, the food was nice, the service was flawless., and the coffee was just perfect. I would back for sure for another great experience. (back for the pastry, too!)

Monolog Quality Coffee
Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance blok CP101 B
021 5725144

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