Sunday, May 4, 2014

Common Grounds Jakarta : new coffee in town!

My first impression for Common Grounds : neat. It was like a white-on-white ambiance inside. It was not too spacious, but everything was comfortable enough. The smell of coffee made it better. 
I picked my seat, browsed through the menu, and smiled. They did serve breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. It was 2 pm, super late for breakfast, but theirs was tantalizing so I ordered one. (or two ;))

Cafe latte (32k) for the starter. I am not an expert in coffee, but I did order it in most coffee shops. This one gave me a good sip, just like the one I wanted it to be. Not too milky, not too strong.

Breakfast burito (60k)
Simply delicious. I loved how this simple dish did have great taste. Generous fillings of scrambled egg, sausages, and hashbrown with balance seasonings. A huge bite of everything really pleased my palate. 

Truffle scrambled eggs (75k)
Toasted bagguete with Norwegian smoked salmon and scrambled egg on top and spring onions sounds catchy, turned out it was not a hit for me. The bagguete was kinda hard to chew, pushed me to give an extra attempt to enjoy this one. The toppings was just fine, but the flavor was not a match one to another. Apparently 75k was quite pricey for the taste they offered.

Nutella frappe (40k)
Thick, and sweet, and brain freezing. A perfect match for those sweet tooth. The taste was more like chocolate rather than nutella. It was quite good though.

Overall it was a good place to hang out. Neat ambiance, good meal, good sip of coffee. Still wondering about their other menu, am gonna back for sure! 

Common Grounds
Citywalk Sudirman
1st floor
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur
Central Jakarta
(021) 2555 8963

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