Thursday, May 1, 2014

Le Cafe Gourmand Jakarta

These rapidly growing cafes and restaurants are uncontrollable. It was amazing to see bright ideas are popping around to invent a new kind of restaurant. Comfortable places, innovative cooking, dessert for sweet-tooth. Such a heavenly option for us, aren't they?

After having their first store at Surabaya, they tried to spread their wings in one of the busiest street in Jakarta. They do offer the comfortable corners dominated by bright lighting which was easily pleasing me. The spacious area with pastel blue color is another thing that matter. Pretty cakes are on display, such a consolation to the eye. They said all of their cakes are their own handmade, including the ice cream!

Macarons, cakes, ice cream. Say it all you want, they have it all!

My favorite corner : rows of French pastries!
It took me some time to decide, and after many questions to the shop assistant I had myself a piece of mango pastry (35k). And I love it! Asked them to heat it first and there you go, crunchy outside-soft-inside-pastry with delicious mango jam. Dying to try another creation of their pastry!

A scoop of homemade icecream (35k)
Creamy with scent of rum. Good taste of rum raisin. I was a happy kid.

Bunny cake (40k+)
Such a cutie pie, isn't it? Mango mousse with crunchy chocolate layer inside. Too bad it was too sweet for me.

It surely is a great place to hang out with some friends. Eat scoops of ice cream with sprinkle of gossips on it. They do have light bites and all day breakfast, too. Gonna back for sure to try their another menu.

Le Cafe Gourmand
Jl. Gunawarman no 65
Senopati, South Jakarta
021 29305522

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