Friday, May 16, 2014

Antipodean Kemang : one hearty brunch

I love breakfast. Any kind of breakfast.
I love the sound of sizzling pan in the morning, accompanied by the smell of coffee, with a glimpse of morning sunshine. I am imagining myself sitting by a huge window, in all white, enjoying my breakfast. My pretty breakfast. But having that kind of dream is quite hard in this city, isn't it?

And then I saw it : Antipodean. Was reading all the reviews for this tiny cafe and tempted me to go there. It was quite an effort to make it there, as I lived in West Jakarta, and this one is located in Kemang. I personally loved the area. I knew I would love this cafe since the moment I stepped in. Antipodean was not spacious, but it had its own charm, reminded me of those days in Sydney. It was quite packed that day, dominated by foreigners, which made me miss Australia even more.

You knew this one was my weakness, didn't you? French toast with bacon and maple syrup (60k). It was not the prettiest french toast I've ever had, but it surely was scrumptious. Everything was on a perfect balance. I was not a fan of the combination of french toast and bacon though, but it was tasty to eat it separately. The bacon had its oily consistency which was really good to be enjoyed (yet so guilty!).

And it was not a breakfast without a plate of big breakfast (70k), right? A generous portion of mushroom, hashbrown, scrambled egg, and choice of bacon/sausage, and toast bread. Everything on the plate was good, and very fulfilling.

My favorite thing on a plate, the pretty scrambled egg!

Overall Antipodean won my heart, and this tiny cafe deserved more. I was truly a big fan since my first visit and surely gonna come back for sure! ;)

Kemang Selatan 1
Kompleks Hero Kemang
South Jakarta
021 7192364

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