Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fat Straw : The original honey boba

I am a big fan of bubble drink. I just can't resist the chewiness and sweetness inside it. I used to be a sucker for Chatime and closed for any other bubble drink. But some of them offered much more interesting concept and now I am open to try them!

Fat straw just opened their second branch in Gandaria City, after having one in Kelapa Gading. Good idea of spreading their wings in South area after settling down in North one. And Gandaria City is much closer to me, and it made me excited to try it even more.
I loved their store in Gandaria City, the catchy name, the color, the ambiance, the lighting. Every little aspect of this place was such a good combination to make a great hang-out spot. And of course, a good food and drink. ;)

I rewarded myself with peach green tea with honey boba (17k), milk tea with honey boba (18k), ice milk drink with honey boba (28k), and ice milk drink with honey boba taro pudding (28k). I prefer the milk tea one since their milk drink was too sweet for me, even in less sugar one. The best think about it was their honey boba, perfect consistency of chewiness, oh and have it in large size to make it even cuter with the fat short packaging!

And yes, do order their toast while you're enjoying the drink. Brick toast with matcha cream (28k) was such a perfect companion through this sweet afternoon. Thick toast covered in green tea jam (yes, green tea jam, interesting right?;) ) and green tea ice cream. Beautiful presentation, and I was in love in my first bite. Everything was mixed so well in my taste buds.
I did have fat toast too. Not a bih fan of it, because of the greasy fried toast with peanut butter inside. Tasted great though, if only the could make it less oily.
I intended to be back soon to try another toast of theirs. They did have honey boba toast on the menu and I haven't tried it yet!

Overall this place is really lovable. Great food and drink indeed! ;)

Fat straw

Gandaria City Mall
Level G Unit MG6

Jl. Kelapa Niasa Raya, blok QB 5 no 6
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara
021 4584070

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