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Hello from Yogyakarta!

After weeks of sleepless night on the hospital, I eventually write this one. I am currently having my co-ass period in Panti Rapih Hospital in Yogyakarta. Having my job in Yogyakarta was such a great deal. My culinary trip started at the moment my shift ended at the hospital. 

Start with something traditional from Yogyakarta : Gudeg Yu Djum. Located on the crowded street of Kaliurang, this one is not hard to be found. There are many other kind of gudeg, but this one is more like a dry one. To compensate this, I asked for more sauce from the boiled egg. Spicy and sweet at the same time, it was quite enjoyable for my palate. Their sayur nangka, was not that great though, too sweet to contribute the taste on my plate. However, I was a big fan of their krecek, this one had a pinch of spiciness to give a balance of it all.
(Gudeg telor/gudeg with egg - 9k)

Gudeg Yu Djum
Jl. Kaliurang KM 4,5 | Karangasem CT III/22YogyakartaIndonesia

Bakso Bethesda (Bethesda meatballs)
I did remember the day I attempted to try this legendary meatballs. It was a bright day, and the sun was not gracious to hide its sunlight. But surely the hunger beat it all. However, finding the right legendary meatballs was not that easy. There are some different location and mixed reviews about which one is which, and I decided to try the one located in the corner of Bethesda canteen.
Accompanied by the sound of street musician, the bowl was served. After added soy sauce and chilly here and there, the first mouthful of soup was pleasing, tasty and appetizing soup. The meatballs itself was good, although I prefered a crunchy one. Surprisingly the meat cubes inside the soup were really tender, effortlessly tasty. Overall it was good, but I did expect more. Or did I try the wrong meatballs? :p
Anyway, I could not stand to try tempe penyet next door and turned out their garlic chilly was great!

(Bakso Bethesda-14k ; Tempe penyet-7k)

RS Bethesda
Jl. Jend. Sudirman 70, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Since I miss spicy food the most, Ayam geprek (8.5k) Bu Rum easily won my heart. Basically it was a smashed crispy fried chicken together with cayenne pepper, as spicy as you could handle. I did order one with level 8 cabe rawit, and tasted really great. Additional smashed tempe and egg made it even better. I did enjoy it with more-than-my-usual-portion of warm rice! (yes, this was that good!)

Ayam Geprek Bu Rum
Jl. Wulung Lor, Papringan Depok, 


Stepped away from traditional food for a while, I dragged myself into this hidden gems in Yogyakarta. I never had my Mediterranean food before, so trying this one could be challenging. Located on the quiet street of Tirtodipuran, this one was quite tricky to be found. It was not big from the outside, but they did offer the comfy ambiance I loved. Homey atmosphere with orange bricks on the wall would pleasantly welcome you.
I did order duck confit for myself, which was their recommendation. I was surprised to see the generous amount of duck and cheesy potato gratin, all was for 59k. Such a great deal! The duck was okay although a bit dry, sauce was quite nice, the potato gratin was such a winner.
Their shish kebab was not bad too, great presentation with surprisingly fulfilling portion. I still found the grilled chicken was quite dry, or was it the way Mediterrenean food tasted like? Anyway, trying out this restaurant was not a regret. 

Mediterranean resto by Kamil
Jl. Tirtodipuran no 24 A. Mantrijeron Yogyakarta

My night snack wouldn't be the same without this. Stepped into Beverly Hills, which served roti bakar and Indomie susu. Thick toast of omelette beef with beef floss on top (14k), this one really was the winner. Slices of fried egg (not an omelette, but still good tho) and beef really boosted the taste. I could have it all for myself. 
Another one that caught the eye from their menu was indomie susu (14k). Yes, that famous Indonesian instant noodle cooked with their fresh milk! Thought it would be weird, turned out quite good in combination. It was savory and thanks God the milk was not that strong. (I wonder what would it taste like if it was that strong :p)

Roti bakar beverly hills
Jl. Prof. Ir. Herman Yohanes Sagan 


After those days with traditional Yogyakarta food, my taste buds craved for something modern. Luckily Phuket Restaurant was quite famous here. Their naan bread was nicely fried, a good appetizer to dip with condensed milk while waiting for my order. Mango salad was fresh, but not too sour, which was good.
Pad thai was my favorite dish among all. Ayam kemangi also worthed to order.
PS: they had this Phuket restaurant next to Frankwurst near Gramedia, which offered different menu. I did not recommend to try that one, anyway :p

Phuket Restaurant
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.240


Michigo located on the 3rd floor of Ambarukmo Plaza, which bring a new concept to dine in Yogyakarta.
I had their Japchae, mozarella topokki, and bimbab. Japchae tasted great, perfect sweetness with tender beef on top. The topokki was allright, although the sauce was too watery to my liking. Bimbab tasted good, the sauce mixed it well with all toppings inside. Having these food healed my craving for Korean food.

Ambarukmo Plaza 3rd floor

After hours to walk in the long road of Malioboro street, sipping drinks in Indische would be a great idea. Loved their ambiance of old Java and vintage decoration inside. Javanese fried noodle tasted good, asked for extra chilly to make it even better! Their teh tarik was their excellence, I recommended to order the hot one. :)

Indische Cafe
Jl Jend. A. Yani No. 6 Benteng Vredeburg Ngupasan Gondomanan Yogyakarta 

Overall this post told the story of my first two weeks in Yogyakarta. Feel free to drop some comments and suggestion about interesting places here! ;)

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