Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tredici Ristorante : thirteen

Calling out the foodies out there : a new Italian goodness in Senopati.
It was not hard to find this one, once you find Crematology, step aside to your left, and this pretty white building is residing in Suryo street. First step into this restaurant and I was hooked with the ambiance. Everything was so homey, with fireplace and bricks on the wall, Tredici surely succeeded in offering this kind of atmosphere.

Asking what behind the name, the owner patiently explained that Tredici means thirteen, without any specific meaning, just personal favorite, was chosen to be the title of their new baby. Basically their concept was making an Italian restaurant with affordable price without losing its authenticity and ignoring Indonesian's palate.

Going through the building made me love it even more. Behind the homey area, there was this kind of outdoor blue and green were dominating, blue pond was on the corner. Such a refreshment to the eyes. And ice cream to accompany the feeling? It was just a matchy-matchy!

Caprese (68k). 
A colorful starter consisted of tomato, mozarella cheese, black pepper, oregano, and balsamic modena vinegar. I like the freshness of everything on the plate!

Gnocchi Valle D'Aosta (85k)
Potato dumpling with great texture, mixed with tasty shitake mushroom cream sauce, with cuts of fontina cheese on top. I love the way it blended in my mouth, Everything on the plate was flavorful.

Lonza Di Maiale Pizzaiola (96k): fried pork loin with white wine. A little disappointment for the pork, it was a bit chewy and was not suitable for my liking. The sauce was too sour and everything on the plate was too overwhelming. The side dishes were great though, buttered spinach with great seasoning and palatable potato gratin to save the plate.

Champion of the day: Salmone Al Cipollotto (118k). A big chunk of Norwegian salmon with great seasoning, I prefer having this one without the tomato herbs ragout on the bottom of it. It was not bad though, I just could not stand the strong sour taste. Sauteed vegetables and butter vegetable were just okay, anyway.

One word to describe Tredici : it was pretty, and they are preparing the bar area in level 2, It must be great having a place to drink up in this comfortable place. Looking forward for another visit to try their pizza and tiramisu (they said it was really good, too bad I could not give it a try because it was not ready). Services were fine, although I found they were a bit confused about details in menu when I did ask them. Well, they are still new anyway. Can't wait until they're settling everything down!

Tredici Ristorante
Jl. Suryo no 42, Senopati
Jakarta Pusat
021 7204567

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