Sunday, September 21, 2014

Otosan Japanese Food

Hello readers! I'm back to Jakarta at last! ;)
Yogyakarta has been a great great experience for me, I would like to pay another visit next time, even I am thinking about working there. Back to Jakarta, everything is much faster here, the people, the ticking clock, it feels like everything is rushing. But something makes me miss this city the most : the food.

After months of-not-writing-any-blogpost, Zomato team invited me to attend a foodiemeet up at Otosan Menteng. It was their annual gathering with different theme each month. Basically I knew Zomato since their launching period last year. The manager contacted me to write some reviews and I really thought this could be something big. With a friendly-user-apps for smart phone, Zomato helped my life a lot, and I know they helped yours too, right? ;)
A hint about Otosan, they are a family business which claimed to be the first one to introduce tomyam soup, far before becoming many people's favorite. Located on the busy street of jalan Sabang, they are perfectly strategic to be back and serve you these Japanese food!

Okay lets dig in the food! 
Salmon Soyu Don
A bowl of perfectly grilled salmon with butter rice. The fish was fresh, with no fishy smell at all,although it was quite a small slice. It was good to eat all of it in a scoop. The fried garlic on top made it even better (more garlic, please!). 

Yellow submarine
Some might like it so much, some wouldn't even bother to give it another try. The yellow sauce was not cheese, which was a mainstream idea to cover up your sushi. Yes, this one was mango sauce. The flavor was blasting and gave a surprise right on the first bite.

Okinawa roll
I prefer this one than the others. The sushi was fresh with a hint of lotsa wheat covering the sushi. It was fresh, light, with crunchiness inside. It was something you might wanna have to have your afternoon snack.

Fresh horenso, oborosuki, chikuwa, enoki mushroom, and beef slice for suki. They do have 3 different kinds of soup. Otosan spicy, Otosan sweet, and Tom Yam. I liked Otosan sweet the most, although I have to put some soup from Otosan spicy to make it better. The soup was really sweet and I did not think it would fit every taste bud well.

And here was the champion. My kind of palate cleanser : cawan pudding.
A creation to improve the usual appetizer cawan mushi into not-so-usual cawan pudding. It was smooth, sweet, and topped with grated cheese which made it even greater. It was there to balance the sweetness they said. 

Overall it was a good catch up with all of these new foodies. Thank you for having me, Zomato team! It was splendid. ;)

Jl. H. Agus Salim no 57. Gedung 57, Lantai 3
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
021 70500658

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