Sunday, August 2, 2015

POCCI Bandung

Strolling around the street Progo, there is this one cute corner, called Pocci, just next to Hardwood, caught my eye with its cuteness. They're still 2 weeks old since their first hello, anyway. Bandung cafe really never cease improving.

It is quite spacious, dominated by red and white, divided into an indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor one offers a comfortable corner with huge puppy painting called Pocci, accompanied by soothing sunlight. Pocci is gonna welcoming you too, on the front door. The indoor one has its own comfort by having big sofas around the corner.

I treated myself with cup of latte and croque monsieur. Their latte (28k), was kinda plain for me. I had a much better one before. More kick was needed to make it a pleasing one. On the other hand, their croque monsieur (55k) was satisfying. A big pack of thick toast with tasty ham and egg on top. A bite of it delivers a very pleasing taste.

I also had a cup of afternoon tea to complete the day. They serve TWG mint tea for 25k in one cup and 50k in a mug. Their cupcakes, came along with the tea, was kinda dry and mushy.

Overall they have this cute little place, with comfortable atmosphere inside. They are still new, improvement here and there gonna make it better! Best of luck!

Jl. Cimanuk 12

Best regards, 
Jessica christy

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