Friday, August 28, 2015

Aree Korean Dessert

Korean dessert is such a hit lately. You can tell by seeing those Korean dessert shop popping out everywhere. Bing soo, their speciality, is basically a bowl of shaved ice with losta syrup and toppings. You can have a joyful ice cream on top to make it complete. While looking at those Korean dessert, I found one that I never heard of before. And the good things is, it's near my home! Yeay!

Located on the second floor of Lippo Mal Puri, Aree Korean dessert might be one of those few shops there. They are settled in the phase 2 building, which is actually the same building with fctry and trattoria. Finding this germ is quite a trip. 

So they recommended me Blueberry cheese bingsoo (65k) and did not take a while to say yes. 

I am not really into dessert, but I found this one suited me well. It was not overly sweet, might be because I had the one with blueberry, which delivered fresh and sour sensation to come along with the sweetness. Vanilla icecream on the top of it was making it even better, and cuts of cheese cake was surely succed to boost the flavor. It did not come with big size, but I believe they had consider the amount of the sweetness and the shaved ice.

I also had rapokki (45k), too! Came with ramen, topokki ( korean rice cake), fish came, and boiled egg. The sauce was not bad, the topokki was a bit too mushy for me, but otherwise it was quite a palatable one. 

The only set back for me is the price. I found it was quite pricey for a bowl of Korean dessert. But overall I have a pleasant meal here. 

Aree Korean Dessert
Lippo mal puri, 2nd floor, phase 2 building
West Jakarta

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