Sunday, August 30, 2015

Food Fighters Melawai

Hello people! Today I'm gonna telling you about this pleasing experience I had while I was visiting this food corner in Melawai area. Been telling you hundreds time that Jakarta's growing madly fast in the term of food industry, and catching up with those foods could be quite challenging sometime. But of course this one is too hard to be missed!

Food fighters is basically a Pasar Santa 2.0. Pasar Santa itself is a well-known market with lots of food tenants in their second floor, which was quite a hype recently. Food fighters is smaller than Pasar Santa, but with nicer ambiance, in my opinion.

Got me reminded of Pixel movie. So cute!

Pretty walls are everywhere. 

Okay lets dig in the food!

One of the tenant is Mie Chino, this one needs no introduction. They are selling chewy noodle with chicken and mushroom topping (35k). I'm not a big fan of chewy noodle, but I did not mind having theirs. The noodle and toppings are well seasoned, and crispy wonton with meatball soup could be a good match of this one. Moreover they are changing the packaging into this cute food box!
PS: They also had bahn mi for sale, but turned out it was not ready when I was there. (Yes, I'm an early riser!;))

Jumbo Burger from Black Jack (45k) was another good food that I had here. Thick sinful juicy patty with egg, cheese, veggies, and mayonnaise sauce. I had quite difficulty to eat all of those goodness in one bite, but I did not mind to get messy at all. They also had black noodle and wraps too! Quite a trend to use charcoal recently, huh?

And this is, my favorite meal of the day : Zucker waffle with chicken and honey mustard (35k). It was finger licking good! The waffle was soft and tasty, just like the way I like good warm waffle. Chicken filling was well seasoned too, and the sauce was a real good match. The portion was a fulfilling one, too! This one instantly won my heart.

And it was not finished without dessert, right? I had Kakigori (35k) from the drink station and it came with an entrance. Jellies and shaved ice on the bottom, with green tea ice cream and caramel popcorn, beautified by huge cotton candy on top. (Yes, it is that huge!) This one could really save you from the sunny day.

Overall I really had a pleasing experience in Food Fighters. The only set back was the open air food corner that could be quite hot. But the food, was really comforting.

Food Fighters
Melawai IV No.7 (near Favehotel Melawai)
10 am to 10pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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