Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hajime Ramen House

Ramen house really is something oridinary in Jakarta nowdays. You can easily find it in shopping malls and even in small stalls on the street. But having sizzling steak on the top of ramen, it is kind of extraordinary!

Located strategically in Elang Laut, a growing area at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Some new restaurants are popping here and there along the street. They are the first steak ramen in Indonesia, they said, and they had won several awards in the world of ramen.

Place wise, it was quite spacious and comfortable as well. Dominated with woods which remind you a lot of Japanese house.

Straight to the food!
So we have grilled chicken salad, beef garlic steak, and gyoza for the appetizer. I am a big fan of salad and theirs was just okay and light. Such a good match to open this sinfully meaty dinner. beef garlic steak was not my favorite since I was not into beef, and their chicken gyoza was enjoyable with tasty chicken filling inside.

Their kind of ramen soup was not the thick one like the one I usually had. They had shoyu soup and the original one, both of them were light. You can have it with chicken or beef. The their beef one gave slightly bolder taste, compared to the chicken one. Their homemade ramen was different too! It was not thin but kinda thick and chewy, felt like having a bowl of hard noodle. But so far all of them was quite enjoyable!

And this one is really something new for me : hotplate ramen. Sizzling chicken /beef ramen with meaty fragrant was such an interesting option. Still with their thick ramen, nicely seasoned on the hotplate, with chucks of beef or chicken on top. Did not know why, but their beef ramen had more flavor on it!

Services was kinda slow, might be because of the full house situation. But overall it was one enjoyable dinner! Congratulation for the opening!

Hajime Ramen House
Ruko Elang Laut blok C no 19
Pantai Indah Kapuk

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