Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Japanese pastry is quite a rare finding in Jakarta. Recently I heard some of them are popping out and finally I drove to Aeon Mal to try this Japanese pastry. Lets see if this Japanese cafe worth the trip!

Del'Immo located in outdoor area, just around the food culture, Japanese foodcourt in Aeon Mal. They claimed themselves that they are the best cafe in Akasaka Japan. The place was quite spacious, have 2 storey, and dominated with red and black. It delivers the mood of luxury but somehow I feel like it did not match with Japanese cafe atmosphere.

Pretty breads on display.

Presentation is nice, but somehow I found this cup was too bitter for a latte. Latte supposed to have its milky taste which was quite dominating, right? I did not usually add any sugar in my cup, but eventually I did for this one.

They have the promotion consisted of cake/pancake plus beverage with 15k discount on the beverage.

I am quite a fan of pancake and this one surprised me. Consistency was not like another ordinary one, kinda like souffle. Turned out it was actually a souffle pancake, the kind of pancake you could find in Japan, they said. Souffle was really fluffy, thick, and enjoyable. I had mine with raspberry sauce and whipped cream, beautified by strawberry ice cream on top, and did not disappointing. However, I found it too expensive for a portion of pancake.

Chocolate cake - 60k
Chocolate cake was thick, flavorful, and had its perfect sweetness which was not overwhelming. You could find gooey filling inside, really complementing the cake. 

Overall everything was enjoyable, but not my best experience of Japanese dessert. I also found the price was too expensive. If you are in the neighborhood, it could be a decent choice after all.

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Del’immo Patisserie & Cafe
AEON Mall Lot G&I-0D2
Jl. BSD Raya Utama, BSD City, Tangerang

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