Sunday, January 3, 2016


Hello people! Happy new year 2016!
I am currently having a holiday in Bali, got lucky because my senior doctor gave me 10 days off (I know, right!), and gonna post about my Bali trip soon! 🙌🏻

Okay this is my first post in 2016 about this infamous Japanese teppanyaki restaurant called Fujin. Fujin actually is the sister of the well known Rajin in Bali. I heard some news that this sister branch is just as good as its older sister. Well I can't wait to try it on! 

Located in the busy street of Gunawarman, this one quite hard for me to find. I was using waze and kinda missed it so I had to make another turn to find it. 

It is quite spacious, dominated by yellowish light to give a comfort yet luxurious ambiance. It is more spacious than Rayjin. The atmospher is quite alive with live cooking in the center of the restaurant!

Got my name written beautifully. You will gwt it once you make reservation under your name. I do recommend to make reservation because they have their own slot for lunch and dinner hours, but if you're lucky walk in is more than welcomed!

Tuna tataki (75k)
I got perfect opening for the night! Fresh panko tuna, great seasoning, perfect thickness, tasty sauce. Beautified by avocado and mayonnaise on top. This one looked simple, but the taste was real good! I could have it all for my own!

Mentaiko potato cheese pizza (small 80k/ large 120k)
 Winner of the night! The pizza came in appetizing presentation, with prawn, potato, generous melted cheese and mentaiko on the top of it. The crust is thin, seasoned well, and everything on top really made it better. Super like!
Ps: they have selection of portion in small and large.  

Pork belly syogayaki (80k)
Sizzling pork belly is coming in! There was no doubt for its goodness, tender pork belly cooked with sauteed sweet onion and lots of ginger! I personally was not a fan of ginger on my dish, so it was not my favorite. Still good though! 

Salmon teriyaki (140k)
This one was pleasing me as well! Tender salmon, big cuts, with great teriyaki sauce. Served with sauteed mushroom on the bottom, which beautify it, and enriched the flavors. Loving it!

Chicken nanban (85k)
This one was one of their favorite menu! Grilled marinated chicken with their special tartar sauce (honestly I did not know the ingredients, but it tasted soo good) and sauteed aspargus. Everything on the plate was flavorful and decent. Everyone on the table was fond of it! 

I also orderd their teppanyaki garlic rice, and really pleased me to have it with other dishes. They had small (35k) and large (60k) size for it.

Good ambiance, really nice service, great food reall made us happy, don't they? Portionwise, quite good with affordable price around 50-450k. I am simply a happy kid! ❤️

Jl. Gunawarman No. 21,Senopati
South Jakarta
(021) 2751 3030
(021) 27513838

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