Friday, January 8, 2016


Hello from Bali!
Well actually I just got back from Bali and still haven't moved on from my holiday. So lets just pretend I am still in Bali ☺️

Bali has sooo many restaurants, good restaurant to be exact. Cafes with pretty brunch, traditional cookings, luxurious bar, you name it. Seminyak Kitchen by Courtyard Marriot is one of them. This restaurant located in the heart of busy Bali, make it a perfect location for them. 
Courtyard itself is a 5 star hotel under Marriot group. I liked the way that they have it in more causal way, the open air lobby, really suits Bali well. 

Seminyak Kitchen, Courtyard by Marriot 

The interiors

Start with the beverage!
Tamarid splash (50k) tamarind juice, mint leaves, soda water
Sunset (50k) orange juice, fresh peach, grenadine syrup, fresh pears
Papa colada (50k) pineapple juice, pineapple chunk, hazelnut syrup, coconut milk, red cherry
Mamajo (50k) lime wedges, mint leaves, sugar syrup, lime juice, 7up

All of them is refreshing, perfect companion for the sunny day in Bali. My favorite is the sunset one, pretty and not so sweet!

Fluffy bread, quite tasty!

Garlic panini (55k) 
Crunchy panini toasted with garlic on top. Quite decent to start the feast!

Salt and pepper squid, lemon and capper mayonnaise (80k)
This one was enjoyable, crunchy skin with tender squid.

Signature nasi campur (95k)
White fragrant rice, grilled chicken, chicken satay, balado egg, Balinese squid, rendang beef, urap, sambal, and fried peanut. Every composition enlightened each other to make it a great bowl of dish. The chicken and beef was really tender I could slice it by my fork. A recommended dish indeed!

Signature bloody mary burger (125k)
Ground beef patty mixed with Worchestershire, tobasco sauce, and encrusted with cracker pepper topped with cheddar sauce, bacon, and tomato. This one surely my favorite! the beef was tender and fragrant! They came with basket of fries and homemade ketchup. I recommended you to try this goodness!

Coconut chicken curry (125k)
This is something unique!
My green curry came in really unique way, using coconut shell! Not only pretty, the green curry was quite decent too! Consistency was good, tender chicken, seasoned well. They were served with fragrant rice and sambal, and for me the portion was quite generous!

Ikan bakar seminyak (165k)
Roasted catch of the day, you'll be surprised by them! Seasoned well with their signature sambal matah, which was my very favorite, and coconut vegetables on top. Generous portion, tasty seasoning, this was surely one comfort food indeed!

Overall I did have a really great time. Tasty food with high quality ingredients, pretty place, and good service. Thanks for having me, Seminyak Kitchen!

Seminyak kitchen
by Courtyard Bali Seminyak
Jl. Camplung Tanduk no 103 SP Dhyana Pura

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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