Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Whenever friends of mine did ask for recommendation of comforting Italian food, Trattoria popped up in my mind. Some of you might knew this Italian restaurant really well. They had opened its door in Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Singapore, etc. Luckily, I got one near in my neighborhood area, in Trattoria St. Moritz West Jakarta.

Trattoria consists of two floors, dominated with grayish wall and wooden furniture, showing off its comfort atmosphere under the natural light. Quite spacious, too!

Bread basket, all of them was tasty and my favorite would be the bread stick. I could not stop munching it while waiting for my dish to come!

Their bruschetta is decent, fresh tomatoes on the top of crunchy bread. Happy to know it was part of the complimentary bread!

A glass of goodness! The banana, fresh milk, kiwi syrup, and strawberry syrup really made this serving as a good opener for the feast. It was sweet, but not the kind of overwhelmingly sweet, just the way you need, and kinda milky. It came in pretty presentation, too!

Melon, orange, and lemon. This one might suit those who prefer a pinch of sourness and a hint of sweetness on the same time. All the ingredients were fresh and I felt really healthy after having this one!

It came in pretty pink color! Turned out it was watermelon, sugar, lime, mint leave, and ginger ale inside the glass. This one had quite a strong taste on my first sip, but in a good way.

Fried seabass with black olive capers and red onion, beautified with sauteed spinach. I personally thought that this one is a heart-warming dish. I am a fan of fish as my main course, and I could say this one was not disappointing. Portion was quite generous, thick seabass with palatable seasoning.

Pocket pizza stuffed with mozzarella, mushroom, sausage and ham, and cherry tomatoes. I really liked the way mozzarella cheese glued everything inside to make it such an enjoyable bite. The pizza crust had its fit thickness too! Calzone might be a choice when you want a different kind of pizza, but still has the same goodness.

A pan of pizza with tomato, mozzarella, bacon and egg as the toppings. This one was my favorite among all dishes. Thin crispy crust with pretty good seasoning won my heart. The creamy feeling from the egg on the center boosted the flavor well!

Overall I really had an Italian feast at Trattoria St. Moritz. Comfort place, friendly staffs, and enjoyable dishes indeed. I will surely come back whenever I crave for Italian comfort food!

Lippo Mal Puri at St. Moritz, Ground Floor
Jl, Puri Indah Boulevard blok U no 1 Puri Indah
West Jakarta
 021 2970 4982

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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