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Greetings from Peru!
Just kidding, there is no way I am at Peru right now. I just got back from my European trip which was awesome and you can find the story hereAnyway here now I am gonna share my experience with Pavela. The first authentic Peruvian dishes in Indonesia. Yes, that Peru in South America. Maybe some of you guys do wonder what Peruvian dishes looks like because honestly I do not familiar with me as well. South American food kinda remind me with those bold and tangy spices, but I had no idea with this one. So let's digging in!

So Pavela is located in Pondok Indah Mal 3 street gallery, the corner with lotsa cafes and restaurants reside. It was not spacious, but homey enough to make you enjoy their Peruvian dishes.

The owner kindly explained that Peruvian dishes mostly are consisted with 'heavy' food. You can find carbohydrate in most of their menus, either it is rice or cassava. Both of them are carbohydrate complex that can be your source of energy. The highlight of the dish is the explosion when you give it a bite. The flavor of spice can be a surprise with its sour/sweet/hot flavors. Yes I become more curious about it!

Peruvian national drink. I can taste cinnamon, egg white, and lime in it. Fresh!

Actually it is a fried cassava. The interesting twist they have here is serving them with Aji Verde. A special green sauce that have this surprise: sour, salty, and a bit spicy. Me likey!

Potato based terrine, topped with crabstick and sweet corn, enhanced with Peruvian mayonnaise and Rocoto sauce.

This is my favorite so far! Chicken fillet with Nikkei sauce, deep fried, then topped with tartar sauce. Chicken is really tender and well seasoned and the tartar sauce make it better. Anyway they use cilantro butter rice in every dishes. The fragrant may be quite strong but is it yummy and not overwhelming. It is truly a comfort food which suit you who do not want something challenging, and yes, it is tasty!

Peruvian fish and chips with Aji Verde sauce and fried cassava. It's a good one. Fish is not oily, portion is generous, well seasoned too. I can't give any complain to this one.

Cilantro butter rice accompanied with chicken breast fillet, which is stirred with cassava, tomato, and their special Saltado sauce. The tomato flavor is quite dominating, with a twist of sweet taste, but in a good way! This one come in generous portion, too. A fulfilling dish indeed.

Cilantro butter rice, roasted chicken thigh, salad, and fried cassava. Everything is tender and well seasoned. The flavor of the skin is stronger than the inner part tho. This one may seems humble, but its simplicity somehow deliver the heartwarming dishes. 

Another chicken dishes with Peruvian style. Crispy fried chicken breast with salsa, their special sauce on top and served with cilantro butter rice. Somehow this one is quite similar with Nikkei chicken, only without the tartar sauce. 


It's not a feast without dessert! Simple frozen banana popsicle with chocolate peanut skin is something easy that can make you happy. This beso de moza, which is actually a chocolate cake with mashmallow, peanut, and ice cream may suit you chocolate-sucker and sweet tooth because it's sweet and dense as well. Such a good ending to my festive!

Overall Pavela is beyond my expectation. Having Peruvian dishes is surely something new for me and I am happy I have it in the right place. Everything is tasty, pleasing, and fulfilling. Best of luck for you!

Pondok Indah Mal 3 street gallery GF#13
Jakarta Selatan

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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