Thursday, November 24, 2016


Sorry due to my hectic days in Sukabumi, I haven't post anything yet catch up with all the new places in Jakarta. So I guess I have to let all those my friends in Jakarta to write it for me and got myself drooled with all of their writings. While I am gonna dig in to these hidden gems in Sukabumi and write about their goodness here!

So basically Sukabumi City is one small city when you have to drive only for 10-15 minutes to reach any places here. This hidden gem, surprisingly, located in quite far, the edge of the city, secluded with all of the potentials they're having.  The hint is this: Red Brick are residing behind Bengkel Vanali Motor.

So basically Red Brick has this 'boyish' concept when all the decoration is dark and kinda manly. Actually in my imagination I can capture lotsa cowboys are catching up here, having their beer, spending the time. Anyway it's only on my dream tho. This one does not serve beer. They are cafe with mouth-watering menu and coffee to be served!


Good presentation, not-bad latte art, the coffee is okay. Not the best I've ever had but I am not complaining.


First impression: looking good! It is fragrant with sweet aroma served with lotsa rice and fried egg. The egg is somehow a bit to dry, thin, and lack of flavor, The meat is good, tender, cooked beautifully with flavorful spicy seasoning. Such a savior to the bowl!


This one my friend, is something you have to try when you give Red Brick a visit! Generous bowl of fried chicken, covered with salted egg yolk, not too thin yet to thick, in a perfect way to get it all covered. Egg is cooked beautifully, too! I am such a happy kid to have it on my own!
ps: the portion is quite generous, ppl can share it for two.


My friend is craving for something creamy and cheese, so she orders a portion of mac and cheese. Turns out it's not bad. Pasta comes with good consistency, cuts of bacon, and melted cheese on top. For me a bit of salt and pepper can really make it better, while the portion is quite generous, too!


I am happy to order this. To be honest it surely is one of the prettiest pancake in my life! The presentation is really beyond my expectation. Everything is just right: fluffy batter, colorful plating, flowers (although it's not edible), ice cream on top, sprinkled with choco chips and nuts. The pancake is quite fluffy and not bad at all, but the winner is their ice cream! It's thick and creamy, just the way a good ice cream should be.

My bad I do not take a note of their exact price, but overall it's quite affordable, ranging from IDR 30-60k. I can say they're serious in this food industry. Food is well managed, good presentation, taste good, too! The thing is they are located in quite secluded area, so finding Red Brick is quite an effort for me. But hey, I surely would come back for their good food!

Jl. Pelabuhan II no 271 (bengkel Vanali Motor)
Kota Sukabumi, West Java
Opening hours: 9 am-10pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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