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As some of you know, I really am a sucker for brunch. I really love the idea of starting the day with delicate breakfast. My favorite so far is Australian type of breakfast. I remember my visit to Sydney and Melbourne several years ago, while brunch was surely something new for me. I did fall in love with it, how pretty the presentation was and those fragrant waffle, pancakes, baked eggs really had me on the first bite. The only downfall is brunch might be quite pricey, mean to be enjoyed occasionally. The thing is having it occasionally make me loving it even more, looking forward every weekend to have one good brunch to start the day.

Waffles, pancakes, and any kind of bread are always my priorities when it comes to brunch. I do not really fancy meat, steak, and anything heavy on my brunch. Thing that always on my consideration is croque madame and croque monsieur. I really love how the all the ingredients blend on my palate. Quick info, croque monsieur is actually baked or fried boiled ham with cheese sandwich. Add the fried egg on top, and here comes the croque madame.

I've tried some croque madame and monsieur in some brunch places, concluded that these 3 places served the best croque, at least for me!
ps: I am a fan of soft bread with gooey and thick cheese filling, Using thing and crispy bread for this favorite dish of mine can't turn me on ;)

1. Maple and Oak 
De Ritz building, Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto no 91, Menteng, Central Jakarta
full review here
IDR 83k

The best croque monsieur in town so far, even my brother agree with me! Baked thick sourdough filled with beef pastrami, red cheddar, and thick mornay sauce. I really love love love the thick sauce with its dominating flavour, sink in every cell of the bread, enrich the taste. Cheese is so generous with pretty and messy mozarella on top. Bonus of fries on side really make me happier, too! Writing about it right now really making me drool!

2. Koultura
Jl, Taman Ratu Indah no 33, Grenville, West Jakarta

Never thought their croque madame would be one of my favorite before, but theirs is surely worth the calories. Sourdough toast, bacon jam, mozarella, and bechamel sauce is surely good dancing partner on the palate, but adding the crackling pork ham on the bottom of the bread is real genius! Imagine the crackling tasty sound with deep scrumptious combination of all those ingredients. Koultura, you have me at hello!

3. Crematology
PX Pavilion, Jl. Puri Indah Boulevard blok U1, West Jakarta
IDR 78k

Favorite coffee spot on my neighborhood, not to mention the cool instagenic place and very attentive staff here. Their coffee is one of my favorite and their brunch menu is quite wide. Their croque monsieur, with generous smoked ham and generous cheese could easily stole my heart. The twist is they're using this onion jam, sweet touch aftertaste to make it unique. Have it with fries and salad, too!

So here is the list of my favorite croque monsieur / madame in Jakarta. Tell me what's yours!

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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