Monday, January 2, 2017


Writing for this one-day-old coffee shop in Puri Indah area, West Jakarta. I am happy to announce that another coffee shop is popping up around my neighborhood: CALIBRATE coffee specialist. 
So I know about Calibrate from my friend who's a fan of coffee, living in my neighborhood too. As you know coffee shop in West Jakarta is limited in quantity: Simetri, Say Something, Crematology, and Koultura. I can't be any happier to give it a try.  Lucky me, today is the first day they open for public.

Among the Jakarta heat, Calibrate offer a very good ambiance with its rustic and grayish atmosphere. I never knew blue and gray could be a good combination until I see theirs. I can say that I love the spacious coffee shop, the friendly barista (turns out I met him once at Turning Point and He Brews), the instagenic wall. They're still improving here and there during this month so to reach a perfect grand opening next month.

Don't you just love the ambiance they have?


Recommended by the barista, I have the Market Lane beans. I have to say I like this cup of latte. The consistency is on point, layers of milk and espresso blend in a really good way, complementing each other. This one may be my favorite cup of latte around my neighborhood at the moment.
I also have their flat white, which is very pleasing too. The mixture of steamed milk and espresso are waking me up, nudging every cells on my brain to be productive.
While their mocha is pretty enjoyable too, coffee and chocolate are very balance, both are there without any domination on one side.

Keep the coffee as your friend.

Overall I am satisfied with everything Calibrate has on their first day. I am looking forward to try their brunch menu, which is gonna be ready around their grand opening week. For now they're just serving croissant on the display. I can see Calibrate can be the next 'it' spot in Puri Indah neighborhood, Best of luck for you!

jl. Puri Kembangan, 9EF, 2nd floor. (aligned with Simetri Coffee Roaster and Mie Aloy Puri)
West Jakarta

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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