Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Another new day, another new coffee shop!
Jakarta's coffee shop just never fail to impress me. Each week you can find new one in every corner. Eventho I have my very own favorite coffee shop already, trying these new comers definitely won't kill. Who knows I will be able to find my new favorite?

So this coffee shop, called Twenty Fifth, is one new addition to coffee addict in South Jakarta area. Located next to the hype Leon (haven't tried it tho, gonna try it soon!), this corner had a very comfortable ambiance. The place was quite spacey, with dim light, delivering those home coziness you've been wanting after your long drive. I love the light on their smoking area, with big window and natural light, my sunset hour just so beautiful with the orange sun beam. Unfortunately, the smoking area was kinda crowded and the odor was quite disturbing while I took photos there.

The oh-so-comfy-corner. I can spend my whole day here.

They had quite wide selections of coffee and tea. They also had this main course which I could not take no more because I just had my all you can eat lunch. I loved the cake display because I found them very appetizing. They also sold gelato with several flavors so you can enjoy it on your hot day!

My friends tried the piccolo and they said it was just okay. I just loved how the mood of this coffee shop delivered: dark and moody.

They had this homemade donuts with some flavors. I tried the chocolate one and the consistency of the donuts reminded me of my freshly baked donuts back in my hometown. Having this brought back the memory for myself, so I could say I loved it!

After all, I had to say I loved the ambiance. The dim light and the warmth ambiance was really pleasing me. Eventho their coffee was not my top-to go-list, I still recommend you to give a visit while you're in the neighborhood,

Jl. Wijaya 1, no 25, Dharmawangsa
South Jakarta
Opening hours: 8am-10pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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