Thursday, March 9, 2017


Another new coffeeshop in my neighborhood, Three Folks! Finding this one might be quite hard. They are located in this cluster of shop around Meruya, near Meruya exit in Kebon Jeruk highway. The signage was not big, too. Big possibility to miss this one. Hint to find them: they are covered with all white paint!

Three Folks was not big, but they have this comfortable Japanese ambiance right away after you walked in. Their gelato was greeting you cheerfully with their quite wide selection of flavors, and the friendly staffs was quite attentive. They had those pretty ceramics and mugs for sale just in case you want to bring them home. 

Zen in my cup.

I had their coffee latte and cappuccino, turned out it was not bad at all. Coffee was not that strong to give me a kick when I had my first sip, but it was tolerable. Texture was fine. I love how they used those pretty mug to deliver the caffeine. Sensing a Japanese coffee shop style here?

I heard about their Chicken nanban from some of my friends and tempted to try theirs. The presentation was drooling enough, with generous portion of rice and fragrant aroma. The chicken was deep fried and well seasoned, and the sauce was quite good. This bowl was not bad, but still, my favorite chicken nanban were those from Arasseo Jakarta and Fujin!
Wondering what Jagaimo cheese was all about, I ordered one. Turned out it was like a 'pancake' consisted of cheese and potato, homely made to give a unique taste of those combination, which could not stop me from keep digging in. Yums!

Good lighting you could find in their comfy corner.

Overall Three Folks offered one comfortable corner which served coffee, bites, and gelato. I did not give their gelato a try tho. Coffee was not bad, and the food was alright. I sensed that they were trying to serve in Japanese style coffee shop. If you happened to be in Meruya area, you can give it a try!

Rukan Aries Niaga, Jl. Taman Aries blok A1-3E
West Jakarta
Opening hours: Mon- Thu: 8am-8pm / Fri-Sun: 9am-9pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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