Wednesday, January 10, 2018


After writing down my favorite ramen in Japan, I still have several recommendations I feel like I wanna share with you guys. Food in Japan is dominated with good ramens, skewers, teppanyaki, okonomiyaki, and obviously sushi. None of my pick of food in Japan is bad, but I do give some highlight about this thing I'm gonna write.

Okonomiyaki Mizuno

Located in the heart of Dotonburi Osaka, finding this okonomiyaki house was easy with the long queue. The staff was not really friendly, but still this one was worth the try. The staff was going to cook it on the table and honestly I liked it a lot. The sauce was very flavorful and rich and tasty. I also had yakisoba, with burnt taste on the noodle, in a good way. However, you had to order one thing for everyone which made it very fulfilling.

Gyukatsu Motomura

I had this twice on my 12 days trip. That explained a lot, right? Thick slices of beef, sizzled in the hotpan in front of you, accompanied with warm rice, was surely gyukatsu motomura at its best. If you're a meat eater, you really have to order double racks of this goodness. Just remember that you could face the crazy long queue, and I do recommend to come at 4 pm, the least popular visiting hour. You can find them in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku area.


Along the Dotonburi area, you,ll find so many Takoyaki stall. This one was one the best Takoyaki I'ever had. The dough was thin and melted right away in your mouth. It could be a perfect snack to accompany you to stroll around the busy road. 

Daiwa Sushi

At the inner part of Tsukiji Market, you'll find this hidden gem. You might be queueing for 1-2 hours, but their Omakase goodness (4000 yen) would make a festive in your palate. Their best cut would be sea urchin, melted and delicious at the same time. It could really be one thing that I won't forget.

Luke's Lobster
You could find them in Tokyo and Osaka, but the queue was attached to them wherever they are. One portion of this was not cheap, but the toasted fluffy bun and fresh lobster could really tell the quality of the dish. A must try whenever you're around.

Sushi no Musashi
The sushi was famous with its conveyor belt. The price was not expensive, and you could really take all the plates because all of them was looked so good. Just beware that the blue plates had wasabi on it, so when you're not fond of it, take another color of plate.

Coco Ichibanya Curry
You might be skeptical about this, but Coco Ichibanya is definitely one of the heartwarming dishes I have in Japan. Coco Ichibanya might be available in Indonesia, but I would say the original one in Japan is more delicious. The fact that I enjoyed it on winter made it even better. Go for the pork one, it's tasty!

Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Market might be famous for their tuna auction that happens at 3 am, but having those seafood feast at the market was not a bad idea at all! In fact it was one of the best thing I had in Japan. Everything was so delicious, sweet tamago, scrumptious unagi, and tasty chirashi don. O I love it all!

One thing you have to have when you're at Sukiya: unagi don. With cheap price, you'll get the enjoyment of scooping a heartwarming ricebowl with glazing unagi on top. Such a good deal. 
Ps: Sukiya is open for 24h, it might be your choice to survive your midnight hunger!

Convenient Store

Yes, you read it right. Japan's convenient store is so good I have to include them on this post. The choices are wide, Watson, Family Mark, Seven Eleven etc. Every morning I would go for their onigiri and tamago sandwich. Yes, it was that good I could not even argue. For a sweet tooth, their milk tea also to die for!

Hope this post helps you to decide. You could also look for my instagram profile @jechristy and use #jechristyJAPAN to see posts in Japan. Happy holiday!

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