Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Another newcomer in Jakarta food industry, and I got this recommendation from a friend who enjoyed in so much back in Sydney. Yes, this one is new branch of Dodee Paidang, a well known noodles in Sydney and Melbourne. This time, they chose Puri Indah Mall to be the spot, which pleased me because I lived in the neighborhood area.

So basically Dodee Paidang is one Thai street food and noodle bar, which famous with its kind of flat noodle. On their menu, you could also found rice with soup, rice with porks, and thai desserts. Those kind of heartwarming food, they have it all. Unfortunately, they had a very bad service.

So I tried their flat noodle with thai tomyum soup, with lotsa pork meat, meatballs, fishballs, and fried wonton skin. The soup was very fragrant, a good balance of all of those components, and it surely was a good choice to be enjoyed on a rainy night. The flat noodle itself really was a good complement for the bowl.

 The rice soup, we also found it interesting. The broth blends well will all the toppings. It might look like a soup for a sick person, but in fact it was tasty! I was quite surprised to find that this simple dish could really capture the tastebuds.

So we also tried a dish of rice with pork skin and their sweet sauce. The pork skin was very hard for me and it was not really enjoyable to chew that kind of pork. My brother actually kinda loved the sauce, but the consistency of the pork was such a turn off.

Dodee Paidang was actually quite a good thing to try, even though the service was really really bad and I had such a bad time at Christmas eve. So four of us dined at Dodee Paidang, and ordered for dishes. After convinced the server that we ordered 4 dishes, in 15 minutes only 3 dishes were coming. I asked why, and the server said I only ordered 3. So I ordered one additional menu and kept asking her 3 times, every 10 minutes, why my food was not here yet. After waiting for quite a long a time (my patient brother eventually did not want to wait anymore), I asked for the server again to make sure that the dishes was already ordered. Turned out, it had not. I was quite angry, and the server was gone without trying to talk to me, not even sorry. So well, I hoped you treated your customer better.

Puri Indah Mal
021 5822359


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