Thursday, January 11, 2018


Dear (a particular) friend,

Hello, are you doing well?
I think you are. You are so contented, they said.
It's good, I am please that you are good.

Losing is part of our life. It's funny how our stories were quite similar back then.
I guess my story is not part of yours, no more. 
So let me write this one here, since you are not here to be shoulder to cry one.

Forfeiting this one hurts, a lot. It's worse than any heartbreak I know.
Those heartbreak, I could hold on. This one, I am not sure.
Insomnia greets me every other night, keep me awake even though I counted those sheeps.
I guess you sleep well, huh?

It's like losing the directions,
It.s like a caffeine withdrawal,
It's like a heartbreak in 2016,
but much worse.

What's worse than a friend deciding that the life is better without you?

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