Friday, May 31, 2013

Bebek Tepi Sawah : tasty Balinese duck

It was in Bali.
Last December, 2012.
Green field and blue sky.
Happy faces and tummies were dominating, yap, it was a very good lunch.

Another lunch with my family, and we were choosing the only branch of  Bebek Tepi Sawah from Ubud, Bali. We were coming with high expectation, due to a very great lunch we had in Bali. Located in crowded Alam Sutera Mal, we were lucky enough to be seated right away.


It was not next to a paddy field, but the ambiance was a quite reminder to the one in Bali. Dominating by its modern atmosphere, they are trying to satisfy our needs of their famous duck without troubling ourselves to Bali.

Their sambal specialties. They served three kinds of sambal. The left one was sambal matah. It was Balinese sambal made of small slices of shallot ad red chilli. The middle one was slices of red and green chilli. The last one was sambal terasi, which was pretty hot. My favorite was a mixture of the sambal matah and sambal terasi with touch of sweet soya sauce.

A portion of Tepi sawah crispy duck (90k). It was served with warm rice and string bean. The duck was very crispy, but the oily skin was quite a disturbance. The duck itself was tender, and well seasoned. It was delicate, you will end up licking your fingers by eating this!

Another one was bebek betutu (95k). It was served with warm rice and mixed vegetable. Some said it took a day to cook this one. Well, it might be true. The spices was permeated well, a tasty one. The duck was tender. The only disappointment was the skin. The skin was too moist and made it hard to peel. The condiment on the duck was not generous enough to be eaten with the whole duck. I remembered having a better one in Bali. Plentiful spices on the duck and perfectly tender duck.

It was quite nice, but it was not better than the one in Bali, The crispy duck was fine, but I expected more from bebek betutu.

Bebek Tepi Sawah
Living World Mall, ground floor
Jl, Alam Sutera Boulevard kav 21

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