Friday, May 3, 2013

Hawaiian Bistro : Aloha from PIK!

What is the first thing pops in your mind when people ask about Hawaiian food?
I have nothing. 
Well, maybe coconut water in the middle of sunny beach?

When a friend of mine told me about this new comer in town, I was so curious about it. I have never had any Hawaiian food before, so I was looking forward to try this one. Good effort from Hawaiian Bistro to fulfill the needs of new variant of food, let see if they make the grade.

Greeting from Tiki Bar, such a refreshment in a sunny day. I felt like having a trip to Hawaii!

Dominated by pillars of wood, this place was quite dim. You would be welcomed by a big picture of a Hawaiian girl.

Excited to see the menu at first, I was confused because they had sushi as a choice of the menu. Apparently, Hawaiian food was affected by many immigrants, including Japan.

A name of the appetizer caught my eye. But it turned out to be a disappointment when the food was served. They said it was fries with their special sauce, it was not so special though.

I chose to play safe. Loco Moco is a traditional food from Hawaii. They must be a specialist on it, right?
Basically it was rice with hamburger patty, fried egg, served with gravy. The patty was quite good, it was tender. But I have tasted better than this.

The pork sandwich was really need an improvement. It was not really a sandwich, anyway. It was more like a hamburger bun with canned pork and fried egg on top. A big no.

They offered cozy place and new variety of food, but they should satisfy the needs of our good meal, right?

Hawaiian Bistro
Rukan Garden House A25,PIK,Jakarta
(021) 29033185

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