Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rasane : our very own favorite seafood

"Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind."
My favorite quotes from Lilo and Stitch.

Being apart from my family since high school made me appreciate every single time I could have with them. I always spare my time for them, at least for a quick lunch or dinner. I've remembered their favorite food spot in Jakarta and managed to go there every time they were visiting me.
And here it is, one of our favorite seafood restaurant : Rasane.

Rasane Puri Indah is located in the busy street of Pesanggrahan, contributing to the boisterousness of it. They had several branches, but I haven't tried any other of it. Rasane has been our favorite since I couldn't remember and we have our own relish, too!

My brother's liking. Cumi goreng tepung (32.5k). The squid was crispy and palatable. They succeed to enchant us with they crispiness and the tenderness of it. The fried squid was served with mayonaise-like sauce.

My very own delight. Kepiting asap (150k). Wrapped by banana leaves, it was very tantalizing our buds when it was cut open. It was cooked with seventeen kinds of spices, which made the spices seeped into the crab. The fragrant was very luring, and so do the taste. The winner was their sauce on the top of the crab. A perfect combination of sweet and tasty. A recommended one indeed.

A pick from my mom. Kepiting telur asin (170k). The crab was covered by tasteful sauce of salted egg. The sauce was thick and luscious. A pleasant meal, enough said.

My dad's choice. Ikan kuwe bakar(56k). The fish was grilled well and it tasted fine. Sambal mangga(3.5k) would really be a perfect partner to be eaten with!

For me the highlight was the togetherness we had in those meal, our personal liking which brought us to the joyful of the dinner. And of course, Kepiting asap was my another highlight!

What's your fave family resto peeps?

Seafood & Ikan bakar
Jl. Raya Pesanggrahan 168N
(021) 58352222

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