Friday, May 24, 2013

Tokyo Belly : a latter-day Japanese

Modern wooden wall
Dimmed red lampions
Perfectly arranged tatami mats
Sounds of ceramic bowl and chopsticks

Those things describes a latter-day Japanese restaurant, doesn't it?

Welcomed by a big Daruma painted on the wall, Tokyo Belly is serving that kind of modern Japanese food. They were inspired by this traditional Japanese doll to give the authentic touch of Japanese.

 Tokyo Belly is a branch of Jakarta's well known Ismaya Group. Located in Grand Indonesia, they are replacing the former Mr. Curry, which also specialized in Japanese curry. It is a perfect place to join the hustle of Jakarta people.

I chose to play safe. Claimed themselves as a curry specialist, they should really brilliant about it, right? The curry itself came into several four flavors : no spicy, spicy, very spicy, and screaming spicy. No spicy it is. I felt like trying the original one to know the real taste of their curry. My chicken curry with rice was quite satisfying. The curry was flavorful, even though a touch of chilly would be great. The chicken was crispy and tender. A nice one indeed.

The salmon cheese was very tempting. So I indulged myself with another choice of curry rice. I ended up with a plate of very spicy curry to accompany my salmon cheese. The portion of the salmon was quite generous, 4 big chunks of fried salmon. The cheese made it even better. The sauce was really spicy! As a fan of spicy food, I would say this one suited my taste. I wonder how the screaming spicy tastes like, though.

They had new menus to offer, so I decided to give it a try. A hot sizzling bibimbap of beef sukiyaki caught my attention. The preparation for this one was a bit slow, it took them 30 minutes to serve it on my table. It was just fine. The beef was quite tender. Not a real fan of it.

They also recommended the ramen. Tempura was a good company in Japanese food, wasn't it? So my choice was tempura chige ramen. They served it with fried vegetables, fried salmon, and fried prawn. The soup was spicy and the ramen was fine. But it was not a flavorful broth like the one I used to have.

I am sorry for not giving the price because I gave the bill to some kind of promo in the mall. I remember spending 356k-ish due to CIMB 15% discount.
The spiciness suited me, the curry was satisfying, but the service was a bit slow when it comes to their rush hour. I would go back to try their sushi and J-dog, though!

Tokyo Belly
Grand Indonesia, West Mall, 3A
(021) 23581090

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